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"when it comes to prom and dances and stuff, everything’s so much harder for girls b/c they have to wait around for guys to ask them like seriously get off your lazy asses and ask a girl, jfc"

"and honestly no girl is mean enough to say no to a guy unless she’s already going with another guy or something"

no no NO FUCKING NO now let me explain you a thing okay

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wow i just rediscovered this post i made a year ago in response to our high school newspaper’s prom issue’s really sexist and offensive articles

anarchyandassassination dangerousnun mayorails remember this 

past georgie, usually everything about you pisses me off but good job with this post. you did good, kid


Imagine how many problems the characters of Spring Awakening could have avoided if they would have heard the song Turn It Off

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i’m in AP lunch

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Jaime likes pie now.

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Colin Donnell, Sutton Foster and Joel Grey in Anything Goes (2011).

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I just invented a new word:


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do seagulls have seagoals


this one does

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Escalating violence in “Game of Thrones”


HBO has been criticized in the past for relying on sex and violence to sell their shows. Given the subject matter of A Song of Ice and Fire, a gritty power struggle in a medieval realm with dragons and multiple ongoing wars, “Game of Thrones” was never going to break this mold.

As the show has progressed, though, showrunners/writers Benioff and Weiss have chosen to inject additional violence, especially sexual violence, into a series already rife with brutality. While the widely-condemned rape scene in “Breaker of Chains” has brought a lot of recent attention to this issue, it’s hardly the first example of added violence in the show, and not even the first instance of added violence for the character of Jaime Lannister.

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it’s 2014 and people are still using autistic as an insult

please don’t

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if im ever proposed to it better involve a fucking barbershop quartet or im saying no

  • Me: I'd like to propose a toast
  • Me: *accidentally sings La vie Boheme*
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